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 Dear BE THERE Magazine Readers:        

The time has come for us to make financial commitments that will allow this great work of BE THERE Magazine to continue.  Economically, things are getting tough, but when things get tough – the tough get going. God has promised to supply ALL our needs according to HIS riches in glory.  As always, this year's combined operating and stewardship campaign is driven by:

1. FAITH in the divine direction of God in our decision to keep publishing while many magazines have went out of business.  THE COMMUNITY NEEDS US!!!

2. THE NEED for not only operating funds, but also capital funds to carry out God's mandate to us in “a more excellent way.”

3. To FULFILL our GOAL of continuing to nurture the growth in our community and the world. 

In the gospel of Mark 12:41-44, Jesus gave a beautiful picture of what it means to give an EQUAL SACRIFICE, which is not EQUAL GIVING. Jesus related how He “sat over the treasury “and observed how the people were giving in the synagogue.  He noted that the “rich gave much” while a poor widow gave “two mites” (one penny).  Then comes the teaching moment;  the key principle He amplified was give your best sacrifice which will be an equal sacrifice. Put simply, those of us who have more, should give the best gift that we can give and those who have less, should also give the best gift we can give.  Let all of us make an equal sacrifice. If each of us does this, all of our needs and goals will be met this year.

Your Publisher,

 Russell Price jr. Mr Happiness

The Hardest Working Man In Publishing