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Why I Love My Lord Jesus?

You ask why I follow this Jesus?
Why I love Him the way I do?
When the world’s turned away from His teachings
And the people who serve Him are few... Read More

Praise Your Way Through!

t’s a wonderful day to be a child of God.  My friend, God is faithful.  At your lowest points of life, He has always been there for you.  When no one could be found, you could always depend on the Lord.  When the storms of life were raging,...Read More

Events for January 2015 Read More

Insider's Guide to The Black Card 2015

BE THERE Magazine 'Black Card' The DMV's Most Exclusive Card

An Invitation-Only Club

The BE THERE Magazine Black Card, which really is all black, was introduced in 2014 and is extended to consumers on an invite-only basis. 

Tickets on Sale Now!!! 

"Is Your Head in the Sand?"

Tickets on Sale Now!!! 

2 Shows Only

Sunday, November 15th

2:00 p.m. & 5:00 p.m.


1901 Mississippi Ave., S.E. Washington, DC 20020

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To all Business Associates!
I have partnered with Ava's Works Productions to produce a phenomenal play based on my book, "Is He Your Man or is Your Head in the Sand?"  The play will debut on Nov. 15th for two shows. Tickets are going on sale soon. If you are interested in placing a business ad in the playbill, please go to and click on playbill ads. Your ad will reach 700 viewers in the Washington Metro area. Join me and Ava's Works Productions to see "Is Your Head In the Sand?" If you're interested in auditioning, simply click onauditions.
See you there!
Relationship Expert
Russell Price Jr.
Bringing the arts to a wider audience; providing artistic opportunities to the public;
and helping to introduce new and inspiring artists to the stage.
It is our goal to entertain, encourage, evangelize and 
elevate our audiences.


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And Get Your Message Seen By More Than 700 Potential Customers...


Place your ad in our playbill: Is Your Head in the Sand?, November 15th and reach new audiences. Ad spaces available include: full page, half page, inside & outside covers. All ads will be printed in full color. Register and submit your ad online!price-list/c11p0


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The Black Card Life

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About Us

 BE THERE Magazine is all about you! BE THERE Magazine is your complete internet magazine that lets you  know where to go , What To Do how to get there. Every time you or someone you refer to BE THERE Magazine online you get and they get information.

Our Mission

At BE THERE Magazine our mission is to offer the ultimate internet experience, while allowing consumers to share information of online. Our purpose is to put money in your pocket, as we develop your business new harmony between businesses and the consumer.

Our Culture

We are open to new ideas. At BE THERE Magazine, we continuously explore and harness the best the internet has to offer and serve it up the way you like it. We welcome ideas from every member of our team and community, as we work to make your experience a better one. So let us know if you have the next great idea for the site and we’ll see what we can do. 



“I provide entrepreneurs with the advertising, strategies and tools to; attract, convert and retain your ideal clients and unlock the untapped potential in your business faster than you could ever do on your own.”

I have shooked the hand of the President Of The United States , the Vice President and the Secretary Of State. I would love to shake your hand. Let's do some business Read More

















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Brand Visibility 

Broaden your visibility  Obama's Moment" Special Inauguration 2013 Edition of BE THERE Magazine.

What better way to give your company visibility on-site than to place an ad in the "Obama's Moment" Special Inauguration 2013 Edition of BE THERE Magazine. For Two weeks, over 50,000 attendees will see your ad each time they visit Your ad will also be included in the digital version of the Inaugural Balls 2014 - A Gude to Inaugural Balls and Galas, which will be linked on the BE THERE Magazine website.


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